Church and Home (October 1900)

Newton Heath, Church and home, Parish magazine, 1900Contents:
Self-exiled: Chapters 7&8 (E Newenham Hoare, Vicar of Stoneycroft, Liverpool)
The Church Congress, 1900. (Rev. Henry Greene, Vicar of St. John's, Newcastle-on-Tyne)
The faithful friend of St Paul. St Luke. (Rev. J. Wilmot-Buxton)
Some Great Missionaries: Francis Xavier, Apostle of the Indies. (Rev. Henry Gee)
Brief Sketches of the History of the Book of Common Prayer. (Rev. Henry Greene)
If none were sick and none were sad! [poem]
The lower Nile: A visit to the delta barrages. (Rev. Alexander Boddy, Vicar of All Saints', Monkwearmouth)
Life's seventy milestones. [poem]
Matter and motion! (Frederick Charles Baker)
Jack o' th' clock, of Southwold Church
A child's prayer and grace (Sarah Wilson)
Home chat: the home beautiful (Mary Hancock)
The mists of Autumn (STS)

[This was enclosed by and stapled to the October 1900 St Anne's parish magazine.
I have only scanned the first page, p. 219. I could scan the rest, but I doubt
that anyone would want to see it! ]

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